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Get to know Virtua.

I know Apple Consulting. I know business. I know how to blend the two and make it work. It seems like an easy formula, but sometimes it needs a little finesse and you know what? That's okay! 

With over 11 years owning an Apple Consulting firm in the largest, fastest city in the world, decades of experience working for IT firms before then, and hundreds of hours consulting with other entreprneurs, I am ready and equipped to help your business skyrocket.

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Hi, I'm Justin.

I started Virtua Computers, an Apple consultancy in 2008 in New York City. Since then, I have launched a software company with numerous successful apps and SaaS solutions, launched ACEs conference for the business side of Apple Consulting, and written 2 books.

I've appeared on CNBC and Fox News, been quoted in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal and have contributed to blogs across the Apple IT space.

When I'm not wowing clients or helping other consultants I'm playing with my two kids and rewatching Marvel movies.

Under my leadership, Virtua Computers has broken growth records year after year. I want to share my growth strategies with you and nothing thrills me more than seeing my clients break my own records.

The Process

Virtua Consulting helps you define your company so that you stand out. We'll review every aspect of your company, from your ticketing process to your client contracts. From RMM to MDM and every TLA there is! We'll make sure you have the sharpest tools in your shed to be an effective, scalable, profitable company.

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Ready to grow your Apple IT Consultancy?

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Let's redefine the future of Apple Consultants.

Running an Apple consultancy can feel like the wild west sometimes. Tools come and go, and it can be nearly impossible to keep up with what's current, important, and relevant – especially when it comes to managing your clients.

Virtua Consulting helps you learn, grow and expand your client offerings, as well as your top-line revenue, with experts who have and are still doing it themselves!

How we help

Unlike generic consulting businesses, Virtua is 100% dedicated to the Apple IT world. We apply years of industry experience growing companies, breaking records and learning the unique formula that leads to success.

Understanding Your Business

We help you define rules specific to your buiness as a foundation for maximizing revenue from both new and existing clients.

Fixing Your Business

We analyze both opportunities and pain points, then organize your priorities into a tactical plan that will result in the highest level of return.


Maximizing Your Business

We help you standardize your contracts, tools and offerings, allowing you to maximize revenue with existing clients, plus streamline your efforts to open up time and resources for new clients.

Meet your new team.

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